Becoming Bad Sister

First off–let me preface this by saying I’ve had words on screen for weeks now with no intention of pushing the publish button. Not because I have nothing to say…but because I am deeply afraid of the punctuation police! I probably wouldn’t have published this tonight but a friend said “punctuation is completely unnecessary in stream of consciousness (writing)”–yes–I googled it–and there are ‘ways’ to write that way…………I’m going to do this MY way. (My mother did say my first words were ‘me do’…

So let’s just get this clear right now. I KNOW that this is not going to be punctuated correctly. I know it won’t always be grammatically correct. If you’re OK with that–please stay…and come back…you’re my kind of person 🙂 (I like you too Nicole, don’t worry)

Now that the preface is over let’s get to it!

Bad Sister. Bad Sister Boutique. Trust me when I tell you that when you open a store with this name you will get a LOT of questions and several risque inquiries as to WHY.

This will always be surreal for me. The Boutique. The name. The growth.

I think I’ve always been destined to have a voice–a platform–it just took me a while to figure it out. Let’s go in reverse. Let me tell you what Bad Sister stands for first and then I’ll tell you how we got here. To this blog. Today.

We stand for community. I’m not talking about physical proximity community–I’m talking about a group of people who are like-minded, need support, give support, build up and stand up. A group of people who are open to meeting new people and who thrive on connection. Who need to be heard. Who need an escape sometimes from their day to day lives. Who won’t judge you if you don’t judge them. Who are misfits and perfect pegs. A group with a voice. I guess through the boutique I’ve become a connector of sorts. Turns out I need these people (who I call Groupies) more than they need me or each other (or at least I think). This will not be everyone’s cup of tea and that is OK. It took me a year or so to figure that out but I’m at peace with that now. My only hope is that each time a new person visits our store or group page (or blog) they get a fair chance at being in our ever-growing community.

Groupies at our 3rd Birthday Party

We stand for being YOU. I am about 100 pounds overweight. I don’t wear makeup regularly. Some days I wear my pajamas to work. Some days I wear my work clothes to bed. Most days I don’t wash my hair. I eat too much sugar. I don’t exercise enough (OK–at all). I swear in front of my kid. I’m a terrible spouse. I’m guilty of only posting the prettiest selfie from time to time. I am FAR FROM PERFECT. But guess what–we ALL are (yes–all–even the ones who think they have got it going on). Let me tell you what else…. I love my family with all my heart. I try every day to be the best mom I know how to be. I have empathy for those who struggle with their weight because I always have (let’s save that for another blog). I have empathy for those who struggle with mental illness because I struggle from a severe form of Panic Disorder (again–insert next blog post here). I am a HARD worker. I get up each day and want more for myself than the day before. I love my friends. I am giving. I am FAR FROM PERFECT but I try. We stand for being YOU. We don’t care if you’re perfectly put together or a big ol’ hot mess. Come as you are. I promise at least once a week you will see me at the store looking a HOT MESS. And at least once a week you will go “wow–you look nice today”. Here’s what we care about… We care if you’re honest. We care if you have a good heart (that always shows–trust me–it’s easier to spot hate than you may think–even in our filtered out society). We care if you admit your mistakes. We care if you apologize. We care if you have the ability to accept our mistakes and apologies (we make them daily–humans–that’s the thing about humans–they make mistakes). We care about YOU.

The many sides of me.

We stand for the experience. From day 1 it has never been about what we sell. It has always been about HOW we sell it. Trust me–I know you can get everything we sell somewhere else. It’s 2019. I know. I love to shop–always have (guess how we ended up here)…but we are in a time where people now shop for deals, convenience OR the experience. We don’t really browse department stores anymore. Bad Sister–We do deals. We try to do convenience. We REALLY TRY to do the experience–and not just when you’re in the store. Our Groupies page is part of the experience. This blog is now part of the experience. I HOPE your experiences are always more than WOW and I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for allowing us to give them to you.

Now. How did we get here.

Well–we went forward so let’s go way back. I was a BAD kid. Really–ask my Mom/Dad/Sister…BAD. I was OK until about Freshman year in high school (In my head at least–I’m sure my family can recall dates prior to that–but let’s go with Freshman Year!) I was rebellious, disrespectful to my parents…I WAS THE BAD SISTER. LITERALLY. The name is actually derived from my childhood. Lucky for me we can all joke about it now and my sister is a pretty killer graphic artist and author and she (and my mother) thought a boutique with the name Bad Sister would be hilarious. So it stuck. (Irony–look up Author M.Piper).

My Sister

Ok we have a name but how did we get here.

If you’re in middle management anywhere and you want your team to stay, never tell someone who has worked very hard for their achievements that their success was “unintentional”. That’s how we got here. A really cool company lost a really great employee because they hired an unequipped person as a leader. That really great employee was me. I took my really great self to another company where I spent 2 weeks in LA (away from my family) training. Followed by another 4 weeks in hotels (away from my family) working. During my time in these hotels I drew logo’s, wrote business plans, dreamed of owning my own store….and then my best friends wedding approached. I was going to miss the rehearsal dinner because they scheduled my flights wrong. And after 6 weeks away from home I cracked. I Quit. Literally. Right then and there. I didn’t get on that flight to LA–I never worked for them another day. I told myself I was going to create my own destiny and it was going to start with NOT missing my BFF’s rehearsal dinner or wedding. At the wedding I told people I was opening my own boutique and I swear to you 1/2 of them thought I was insane. I am.


I look back at pictures now of when we first opened and I AM SO GRATEFUL you are still here. I am so grateful you are reading this. I am SO SO grateful.

So here we are. I needed an outlet. A hobby. Something NOT directly related to work to focus on. This is it. I hope you will join me along this blog journey as we talk about (OK let’s be real I have no idea what we will talk about yet)…..


Don’t worry–I’ll come up with something 😉

I’m glad you’re here. Until next time…


The Bad Sister

53 thoughts on “Becoming Bad Sister”

  1. I love, love what a REAL person you are! It takes bravery and guts to be real in this day and age. First blog, it’s great!

  2. That was fantastic!! I don’t think the “good sister” is the only writer in the family!!! Great job, I never tire of this story, it is really inspiring, and I hope the blog helps somebody else get out of a job that doesn’t “make them sing” and follow their own path. xoxo

  3. I have been following you on Facebook and joined the Bad Sister Groupie page. Although I have never been to your store because of life and a four yr old. Never any me time. Lol. I love the fact that you are so real and so down to earth. I will definitely be coming into your shop soon. Can’t wait to stop in and say Hi!! Xoxo

  4. Fabulous,and anyone who let’s me prattle on about my own panic attacks and issues is a caring ,loving person…..not to mention how much I love the store…….

    1. I had to laugh because that video clip that day was like 30 Mins long! lol! I accidentally left it running! I will ALWAYS be a listening ear—anytime—promise!

  5. I promise to never ever correct your punctuation if you keep writing from the heart! Love you girl!! I’m crazy proud of you for what you have created and cannot thank you enough for letting me be a part of it. Even when a squirrel does show up. 😉😘

  6. I moved to Columbia 4 years ago which was just a bit before you opened. I remember seeing your little store and kept telling myself I need to check it out. Then one Friday night I did and it was just you sitting there in your little store with like 3 tops. I kept stopping in because of you and I continue to look back to that first visit and how you have grown. I think it is the perfect example of something meant to be.

  7. Awesome, Heather!!! You truly make me, and all your “customers/groupies ” feel welcome and special. Your shop and THE best customer service, hands down!
    We all have demons to face, but you and your team still welcome everyone and treat them as though they are special.
    Thank you for that, for being you, for being honest, for being a friend!

  8. Love, love, love this! Heather you are such a down to earth, real, honest person and an inspiration to many! The world needs more people like you in it! I look forward to your next entry!

  9. I’m excited to read more of your blog. I’ve been coming to your store since about the time you opened, and you are always a friendly face I can count on! I’m happy your store is doing better than ever! I don’t get to come in a lot (see comment above about having toddlers 🙂 ), and in fact I still have a shirt there that’s been ready for about two months lol, but each time I do, it’s a fun and pleasant experience.

  10. Starting a new business is challenging and stressful, as I know from working for my son when he started a business. Your positive attitude and personality, as well as, your business acumen are what is making it a success. And, of course, knowing the right people to hire who fit right in. You also have the ability to connect with and remember all of us – even the details of our lives that we have shared with you. I appreciate that you will be completely honest about how something fits or looks. You were an integral part of my accepting that I looked OK in leggings. LOL Now, I hardly wear anything else! And I don’t think you will see many 70 yo overweight women in leggings and loving them! LOL So, thank you for helping me be more comfortable with my size. You are a very special woman, Heather. My life is enriched for knowing you. Congratulations on 3 years and on your entertaining and heartfelt blog.

  11. awww what a great Blog!!!! Love you Heather, love your store! Watching dreams come true, one day at a time!!!!!

  12. We will always be here for you Heather. You make me smile each and every time I come in the Store. In my 74 years I have found very few people who I can say I “know” they are who they portray to be. You make me happy every time I see you, you and everyone you have working for you. Continue what you are doing and this little gray haired old lady will keep coming in even if it is just to look and see what you have. In fact, still have to come in and spend my Birthday $$$$. See you soon.

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